Zip Line in Rishikesh

About Zip Line in Rishikesh

If you like adventures where you get to see scenic views while zipping past a top view, then ziplining is the perfect sport for you. Through ziplining, you can see magnificent locations. It is the most sought-after adventurous activity to witness a beautiful landscape from the bird's eye view. It offers an ultimate push to the adrenaline rush to the thrill seekers. The marvelous view from the top and the adorable beauty of nature will give you a lifetime experience.

There are numerous destinations in India that offers a perfect place for Ziplining. The famous place i.e. Rishikesh makes the best place for Ziplining for an unforgettable experience at affordable prices. The city is famous for a list of adventure sports, zip lining being one of them.

So, You can satiate your thrill by experiencing this adventure sport here.

Trip Information



Min Age


Rishikesh, India

Rs 1200 to Rs 1800 Per Person



About Zip Lining in Rishikesh

You can plan a trip and experience this 500 metres long zipline with your loved ones. It is operated over the river Ganga and 200 ft over the white water. In this activity, the participant is harnessed to a cable designed in such a way that it enables the person to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable. This activity is located 16 km away from tapovan at the Shivpuri village.

So, you will have to head to Shivpuri which is 15 minutes away from Rishikesh. There you will find the Zip Lining base which lets you experience this amazing adventure sport over the Shivpuri rapids surrounded by the mountains. The whole process takes around 1 hour to complete.

How to Reach:-

You can take a bus to Shivpuri from Rishikesh. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to reach there.

Best time to Visit

This wonderful experience can be taken at all times of the year except during the monsoons.

Appropriate cost

Starting at INR

Operational timings

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The key feature of this activity

Zipline Height

70 metres

Zipline Distance

750 metres

Only Zip in Rishikesh that takes you over the River Ganga

It is the longest Zipline in Uttarakhand and the only tour that takes you across the river Ganga.

For child

All children under the age of 18 years require their parent's or guardian's signed permission.

Needs physical fitness

This activity is strenuous and requires full body control. A participant needs to be physically and mentally fit.

Disclaimer Form

You must sign the risk acknowledgment and disclaimer form before the activity.

What is not included in the Zipline price

  • Any kind of transportation
  • Any complimentary adventure sports such as river rafting, kayaking, etc. (Guests can book these activities by paying additional costs).
  • Any kind of travel or medical insurance.

Safety Measures

  • Any participant who is unfit to be part of the activity can be rejected on that basis. The instructor reserves the right to reject such a participant.
  • The activity might be delayed or postponed in case of poor weather conditions. In this case, the next possible time slot will be given to the participant.
  • The activity is a time constraint. So, the participants must strictly follow the timings.
  • This activity is not recommended for the following persons - women who are more than 3 months pregnant, anyone that has had major surgery, and has chronic back/neck pain.
  • The minimum age allowed - is 8 years.
  • Minimum weight allowed - 30 kg.
  • Maximum weight allowed - 85 kg.
  • ID proofs are mandatory for each India ideal at the time of their arrival.
  • All foreign nationals are required to share their visa and passport details at the time of their arrival.

TRIP Inclusions


Hotel (3 nights), Camping (1 night)


8 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners


Train, Public bus, Taxi, Tram, Metro





1. What should I know before Ziplining?

Here are a few things that you need to care of -

  • Wear your close-toed shoes. You do not want your flip-flop to go fly off in the jungle.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Empty your pockets
  • Do not take selfies

2. What you should wear while Ziplining?

Long pants and capris are some of the things that you should wear while Ziplining. Women who wear shorts while doing this activity might feel discomfort as harness straps may dig into the skin on their legs. Hence, it is not advisable to wear shorts.

3. Can you wear a backpack on a zipline?

No, you can not wear a backpack while Ziplining. They can get in the way of the harness.

4. Is there any height limit to do Ziplining?

The minimum height required to ride Ziplining is 4ft 7in.

5. How much time does it take to complete one zipline tour?

It takes 30 to 45 minutes. This includes 20 minutes for the safety briefing and a short hike between the two zip lines.

6. Is Ziplining safe in Rishikesh?

It is absolutely safe in Rishikesh. Your safety is our priority. Our zipline is built to the toughest international safety standard. So, you can relax and enjoy the ride knowing that our zip line is safety certified.

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