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About Luxury Camping in Rishikesh

In today's adventure World, camping has earned a special place. It has grown and evolved into forms that attract tourists' attention. Out of these evolved forms, luxury camping is one.

If you are looking for adventure, camping, and staying close to nature but are not particular about roughing it out, then luxury camping is perfect for you. It is a perfect way to enjoy nature without compromising on your comfort.

Basically, luxury camping is a form of camping with a touch of luxury and lavishness. It provides plush, luxurious, and comfortable camping facilities for adventure junkies. In a way, it gives comfort without taking away the taste of adventure. Here, we even provide you with beds, pristine linens, and high-quality amenities.

Luxury camping at Rishikesh is a great destination to experience the unique, enchanting, and enthralling beauty of the city.

Key attractions

  • Campfire
  • River rafting
  • Riverside volleyball
  • Kayaking

Luxury camping offers

  • comfy accommodation
  • Healthy food which is prepared from fresh and organic ingredients
  • Unspoiled environment away from common tourist spots
  • Nature walks
  • Swimming pool
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • In-house activities and games to keep guests busy
  • Excellent scenery all around

Trip Information



Min Age


Rishikesh, India

Rs 1200 to Rs 1800 Per Person




The accommodation standard of luxury camping is quite high. Also, its impeccable food, swimming pool, and hospitality services add up to the charm. It offers open garden areas and sit-outs. To add to the experience, the evenings are enlightened by the campfires and barbeques.

This luxury camp is easily accessible by all possible means as it is connected well to almost every small and big city in the country.

Safety Standards

The dedicated team leaders come with vast industry experience and have great safety records. We make sure that our guests get the necessary attention while they perform outdoor adventures.

The Facilities

The dining: We believe that food plays an important role during travelling. Dining in the luxury camps will be a very different experience for you as you'll be dining in the lap of nature. We provide a number of great kitchen staff to maintain your taste and hygiene. The food will be served freshly prepared so your food is hot and ready to eat.

Swimming pool: We offer an add-up to in-house activities i.e. complimentary use of the pool for our guests while they stay here. The infinity view of the river tributary from the pool will leave you mesmerized.

Inhouse activities: We provide an array of in-house facilities for our guests including guests of all age groups. Cricket, volleyball, Football, badminton, and board games are a few of the activities.

Adventure Desk: You can plan your perfect adventure itinerary by booking other adventure activities like rafting, bungee jumping, jungle safaris, and much more.

Required details to book a camp

  • You have to provide the details- the total number of people, date of travel, and any specific query.
  • You will receive a quotation for your query. It depends upon the activities you choose.
  • To reserve the camps for your dates, you need to confirm your booking by submitting the advance amount.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation message on your WhatsApp or email address after submitting the advance amount.
  • The advance amount will be around 30%- 40% of the total package cost. The advance amount might be higher on weekends or holidays.

TRIP Inclusions


Hotel (3 nights), Camping (1 night)


8 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners


Train, Public bus, Taxi, Tram, Metro





1. What is glamping?

Glamping is a shortened form of two words - glamorous and camping. It refers to a type of camping that offers you a luxurious stay i.e. with beds, washrooms, heaters, and other types of equipment.

2. How is luxury camping different from camping?

The main difference lies between the level of comfort and the luxury factor. When you are camping, you have to make your own tent, cook food, bring your own sleeping bag, etc. But when you stay in a luxurious camp, some things are being taken care of for you. Luxurious camping offers you comfortable beds, freshly cooked meals, electricity, and other luxurious facilities.

3. Why is luxurious camping so popular?

The appeal of luxurious camping has always been there due to the comfort it offers. It makes you feel like you have brought your own home with you as it provides all the comfort that you need in the lap of nature.

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