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Bungee Jumping Rishikesh - India’s first Extreme Adventure zone, Rishikesh, in 2006, it was for the purpose of bringing to India something its youth could be proud of. Safety and impeccable quality is not something we, as Indians, trust our systems with and that’s something that bothered him immensely. With the ambitious desire to change the face of extreme adventure, especially Bungee India, including the way organizational safety is perceived in India, he brought in what is arguably one of the most extreme sports worldwide and set up amidst the stunning landscape of Rishikesh, India’s first and highest Bungee jumping platform (83 meters).

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Bungee Jumping Activities

Bungee Jumping 55 Mtr
Bungee Jumping 55 Mtr

Take the plunge with this bungee jumping in Rishikesh. Leap from the fixed platform at 55 mtrs above the ground and experience the thrill.

Bungee Jumping 83 Mtr
Bungee Jumping 83 Mtr

Come to the 'Adventure Capital of India' and try bungee jumping. One of the popular adventure activities in Rishikesh for thrill enthusiasts.

Flying Fox - 1 KM
Flying Fox - 1 KM

Fly at 140 kmph at India's longest-flying fox.

Zip Line Crooss the Ganga
Zip Line Crooss Ganga

While flying across the valley at a full speed, appreciate the gravity with this zipline experience.

Zip Line
Zip Line

This adventure activity is designed in such a manner that one can feel like a hawk and get thrilled with the air crossing across.

Reverse Bungee 180 Feet
Reverse Bungee 180 Feet

This activity is a bungee jumping but in a reverse way. It provides an ultimate experience with 180 feet throw above the ground in just 3 seconds.

Swing 45 Mtr
Swing 45 Mtr

Get to witness the unseen views of Rishikesh from 45 metre up as you free fall from there.

Gient Swing
Gient Swing

Swing solo or swing in tandem. See charges and packages and book the ultimate thrill now.

Beach Camping
Beach Camping

Beach Camping is definitely an amazing way to spend your time here. Enjoy the riverside view with your friends and family in the lap of nature.

Luxury Camping
Luxury Camping

Enjoy the amazing camping activities. An adventure-filled camping night right under the stars will leave you mesmerised.

River Rafting
River Rafting

Book your next river rafting adventure with us. And enjoy the adrenaline-packed water rafting experience.

Bike on Rent

In Rishikesh, you can get a bike or scooter on rent at most affordable rates. The cost depends upon the vehicle's make and model.


Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular activities among adventure seekers all over India. It involves jumping from a place that is at a great height. It becomes much more adventurous when done from India’s highest bungee jumping point in Rishikesh. The spectacular view of the Shivaliks and the River Hall, a tributary of River Ganga gives an extreme experience for the true adventure enthusiast in you. From a safety point of view, the bungee has been designed by experts from New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world and the equipment used is of high quality.

Fearlessness is not the lack of fear. It is having fear and jumping anyways. The most important thing for a joyous bungee jumping is to be physically and mentally prepared for the jump. For this reason, only 2 chances are given for the jump. So, will you dare to jump from India’s highest bungee height of 273 feet and have an amazing experience? If you never try, you never know.

Bungee Jumping Process in Rishikesh

In Rishikesh, Bungee Jumping is organised by Jumpin Heights, situated at Mohan Chhatti. It is approximately 14 km away from Laxman Jhula. Jumpin heights are considered one of the best spots for bungee jumping in India. It is open every day, except on Tuesdays. The height of the platform where Bungee Jumping takes place in Rishikesh is 83 metres (273 ft). It is built over a rocky cliff overlooking the Hall River. Here is the process for you to begin your experience.

Safety guidelines

Before going for the jump, you will be given a briefing about the guidelines and safety features. They follow the safety standards set up by Australia and New Zealand. A 3 step security and safety check is done by three different crew members.

All the necessary factors are considered by the instructors. For example, in case of poor weather, some alternative slots will be suggested.

Waiver Form

A waiver form is to be signed stating that you have read the terms and conditions and have informed the crew about your medical condition (if any).

Store you Belongings

You need to store all your valuables at the reception to have a smooth and clutter-free swing.

At the bridge

Only the jumpers are allowed at the bridge. They are then harnessed and connected with a cord that is attached to a surface or object that can bear heavy weight. Rubber cords are tied to the ankles of the jumpers as they get prepared for the jump.

After the Jump

After the jump, the jumpers are lowered down to the drop zone. From this point, there is a 15-20 minute walk-up trek to the cafeteria. It can be strenuous for some as it is a hilly area. There will be benches at regular intervals of the route to make this trek as comfortable as possible. There you can have some snacks and cool off with drinks while watching your bungee video. You can even buy your DVD.

How to do Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping is an adventure sport that almost anyone can try as it requires minimal preparation on the participant's part. The only preparation required to engage in this sport is a minimal level of fitness, appropriate footwear, and attentive listening to a safety briefing.

Before the jump

You must arrive at the bungee site an hour before the allotted slot. This will help you to get acquainted with the instructors and watch the people before you jump to get mentally prepared. You will be guided and trained beforehand by the instructor on the safety measures.

Before the jump, you will be weighed so that the operators can set up the particular rope as required for your weight. Thereafter, they attach your harness and rope and make sure that everything is secure and safe. You will then be ready to jump.

During the jump

You must relax and stretch your arms out, bend your knees, and jump. Enjoy the sensation of the freefall as it will last only for a few seconds. When the rope will be fully stretched, the elastic will recoil and bring you back up slightly and you will swing momentarily at the end of the rope. Then you will be lowered down to a specially-made landing area.

After the jump

After having your harness detached from the rope, you’ll be able to relax. You can go back to the canteen after a 15-20 minute walk-up trek.

FAQs on Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Q. How safe is bungee jumping in Rishikesh?

Ans. Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is completely safe as there is a professional team that follows a 3 step security and safety check. As long as you follow the safety instructions, there is nothing to worry about.

Q. Are cameras allowed near the jump zone?

Ans. No, cameras are strictly prohibited on or around the jump zone. This is done for safety reasons. Videos of the jumping can be bought separately, in-store.

Q. Is there any chance of an accident in bungee jumping?

Ans. Not at all. Bungee jumping is operated by Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh and they follow all the safety measures. It is a safe activity that undergoes a lot of safety checks.

Q. What is the timing for Bungee jumping in Rishikesh?

Ans. Bungee jumping is open between 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM from Wednesday to Monday. On Tuesday, it is closed.

Q. What are the minimum age and weight requirements for Bungee Jumping?

Ans. The minimum age required is 12 years for bungee jumping in Rishikesh with the minimum weight required being 35 kg and the maximum weight being 110 kg.